Company Profile

Tajhizat Sanjesh was founded in 1999. Our goal was to design and produce advanced and high quality lab equipments in Iran and to provide customer and services for our clients.



      Our company is the sole designer and producer of the following equipments in Iran.

1- pH meter
2- Spectrophotometer
3- Elisa strip reader
4- Biochemistry photometer
5- Bilirubin meter
6- Biochemistry auto analyzer

          Except for the pH meter , all for our other systems are based on using photometry technology.
Despite the convenience of using European or Japanese designs for productions, as it was very common practice in iran , we decided to take the challenge of designing our own unique products. Our philosophy was to manufacture only our own designs and stay behind and fully support our own products. This leads us to invest and establish a very strong Research and Development (R&D) division in our company. we carefully Recruited and hired experienced engineers in different fields including optics, Electronics, Mechanics, computer science, and biochemistry. Having the right strategy, strong management skills, and a very strong and motivated team of experts and engineers, we were able to release our first product, pH meter pH-162 ,in less than a year after estabilishing our company. Based on our success with our first product, we released pH-262 in the second year. Recently we lunched our newer version of PH-meters, pH-462. pH-462 is currently one our most popular products in Iran. We also practiced this method of designing and R&D for all of our other systems.


   The calendar of our production first release is as follows:

-1999 company establishment
-2000 pHmeter model PH-162
-2001 spectrophotometer model spectra-162
-2002 Elisa Reader model strip-103
-2003 photometer model FTS-71
-2004 bilirubin meter model bilitest
-2006 Autoanalyzer first version Alpha_X
-2007 Autoanalyzer 2nd version Alpha_6
-2009 Auto analyzer 3rd version Alpha Classic 


Divisions and employees

   Tajhizat Sanjesh has 25 full time and 6 part time employees, they are working in different divisions.
The main divisions of the company are as follow:

-Sales division
-Autoanalyzer manufacturing
-Desk top systems manufacturing
-Installing unit
-Technical Support &After sales services
-Administrative & financial sections

   Tajhizat Sanjesh collaborates with more than 50 vendors and contractors to acquire the high quality
Components needed for our productions. The main three part of components we use are as follow:

1- Specially designed components made by manufacturing Iranian workshops
2- Precision components like Photodiodes , Interference Filters , Hamilton Syringes , Stepper motors , and such . These components are imported.
3- Some regular electronic , mechanic or Hydraulic components which are purchased from Iran market.

   After receiving all components, we go through the following steps :

1- Checking the quality the components
2- Assembling internal mechanisms and parts , electronic boards , and many sub systems,
3- Controlling these assembled parts and assembling processes
4- Assembling and mounting subsystems on the main chassis of the systems
5- Wiring
6- Completing the system and doing the final adjustments

   After completing the system and some final technical checks in production line, the system is delivered to the QC. In the QC division all the manufactured systems are checked for all standard features and operations.

Quality control unit:
   All of our productions after passing final checks and controls of the production line should pass a precisely designed and standard process of operational QC. What we check in this section includes linearity, repeatability, precision, ….








Previous Versions of Auto Analyzers

Previous Versions of Photometers

Previous Version of Elisa Readers

Previous Versions of Bilirubin Meters

Previous Versions of Spectrophotometers

Previous Versions of pH Meters

Newest Versions of Products



   We obtained these certifications:
1- ISO 9001:2000
2- ISO 13485:2003
3- Certification and manufacturing permission for Bilirubin meter from Iran Ministry of Health
4- Certification and manufacturing permission for Biochemistry Photometer from Iran Ministry of Health
5- Certification and manufacturing permission for Biochemistry Autoanalyzer from Iran Ministry of Health






 Exhibitions and Seminars:


   We participate in the “congress of enhancement of laboratory services quality” which is the most important annual event in Iran. We also participate in many other local and provincial medical equipment exhibitions. Periodically we present one day seminars and workshops around the country to introduce our products. We have great success with these type of seminars in Isfahan, Shiraz, Mashad, and Kashan.






Usually every month we have at least on advertisement in laboratory magazines and publications.
Among these there are :
Akhbar Azmayeshgahi ( or Lab News - monthly)
Mohandesi Pezeshki ( or Med and Lab Engineering - monthly)
Pezeshk va Azmayeshgah ( or Physician and Laboratory - monthly)
There are some samples of these ads in the following :