Divisions and employees

   Tajhizat Sanjesh has 25 full time and 6 part time employees, they are working in different divisions.
The main divisions of the company are as follow:

-Sales division
-Autoanalyzer manufacturing
-Desk top systems manufacturing
-Installing unit
-Technical Support &After sales services
-Administrative & financial sections

   Tajhizat Sanjesh collaborates with more than 50 vendors and contractors to acquire the high quality
Components needed for our productions. The main three part of components we use are as follow:

1- Specially designed components made by manufacturing Iranian workshops
2- Precision components like Photodiodes , Interference Filters , Hamilton Syringes , Stepper motors , and such . These components are imported.
3- Some regular electronic , mechanic or Hydraulic components which are purchased from Iran market.

   After receiving all components, we go through the following steps :

1- Checking the quality the components
2- Assembling internal mechanisms and parts , electronic boards , and many sub systems,
3- Controlling these assembled parts and assembling processes
4- Assembling and mounting subsystems on the main chassis of the systems
5- Wiring
6- Completing the system and doing the final adjustments

   After completing the system and some final technical checks in production line, the system is delivered to the QC. In the QC division all the manufactured systems are checked for all standard features and operations.

Quality control unit:
   All of our productions after passing final checks and controls of the production line should pass a precisely designed and standard process of operational QC. What we check in this section includes linearity, repeatability, precision, ….