Alpha Classic AT Plus

High speed, Low reagent Consumption 

           Alpha-Classic is an ideal biochemistry solution for Automation needing in advanced and medium class laboratories.
This random access autoanalyzer uses a 120 cuvette tray with the nominal speed of 280 test / hour.
Alpha-Classic without any cuvette washer reaches a realistic opperational speed of 140 – 170 test / hour that is a very exceptional speed between this class of autoanalyzer .
Alpha-Classic has two separate dispensing Arm for reagent and serum.
Independent suction and simeltanious dispensing operation is the golden art of system in time efficiency. In fact with a very sophisticated and elaborated multitasking software and with using one the most advanced micro processors , parallelism idea and processing speed has been achieved.
Beside system internal processing capability autoanalyzer is connected to a PC.
All of operator needings such as test definitions , worklist perparation , reagent sequence arrangment , profile definition , system parameter settings , result processing and reporting , and many other facilities are easily in his hands via a special designed software called “ crona “ .In fact everything you need to do with Alpha-Classic is in your reach with “ crona “ . 


- Random Access
- 280 tests/ hour
- Open System
- Low consumption of Reagent (160 - 200µl)
- Distilled water washing (very low consumption)
- Urgent patient capability ( stat)
- Level meter & impact sensor
- Working with all Biochemical Methods
- PC Operation With Windows user-friendly software
- Very complete Q.C Processes

For the most convenience of the operator of autoanalyzer we have designed a special tray washer model TW02.
This system is able to wash used trays with distilled water and clean solution and also dries it in less than 7 min. Upon the selected modes of washing water usage is between 1 to 1.5 lit , and it needs at most 200 to 250 ml of (1/20 diluted clean solution).
Increasing the age of trays and better quality of washing and lowering the risk of operator contamination plus his or her time saving is amongst the advantages of this system




Reagent Consumption

     One of the advantages of Alpha Classic is its low reagent Consumption. Although the recomnended value is 200λ the system is able to work with 160λ especialy in the tests that the sample volume is more than 20λ.
In the picture , reagent tray and vessel  are shown.
The reagent tray consits of 31 small and large vessels.


Probes advantages

   There are two probes in Alpha Classic , one for reagent and for Sample dispensing.
The Liquid handling is beening done with two seperate Hamilton Syringe, one  500λ syringe for reagent and one 50λ for sample.
Both of the probes are equipped with Liquid sensing and impact (or collision) sensing built in technology. Impact sensor protects the probes when it hits vertically to an obstacle. When the probe is comming down and it hits something instantly the collision is sensed and the probe returns up ward.
The Liqaid sensor is due to level sensing, when the probe is comming down and it enters to a liquid , immediately it causes the probe to stop. This reaction is very important to reduce the carry over.

Sample tray (or plate)

   In each test run we can define 600 tests for 120 different samples. These 120 samples are easily definable in the same worklist, to make it easier for system operator, samples must be grouped in 4 of 30 batch, each batch is placed on one sample tray (or plate).
After using first 30 samples , system automatically detects it and ask for operator to replace the sample tray with next one.

Cuvette tray

     Alpha Classic uses a cuvette tray with 120 holes (or cuvettes) each for a test.
As Previously mentioned up to 600 different tests can be defined in a single run.
After completing 120 tests of a worklist the cuvette tray must be replaced with an empty – clean one. At this time, system ask for operator to take out the used tray and replaced it with new one.



Tray Washer

     To wash the used tray we have offered an especially designed system called “tray washer” model TW02.
This system make it very easier for operator to work with Alpha Classic.
Tray  Washer automatically washes the tray and dries it very carefully and effectively in less than 7 minutes. TW02 has different washing and drying modes, it uses Distilled water and clean solutions.
This system will lengthen life time of the trays, prevents operator to be contaminated and also promote the quality of washing that is very important for tests like Ca and Fe .


      One of the most important expectation from each autoanalyzer is its repeadability in  both cases of within run and between run.  Repeadability is one of advantages of Alpha Classic  .In the graphs a number of  resulted concentration from a normal sample is shown for different tests with different methods . As it is obvious the resulted CV in comparision  with some other systems is very good.




Different biochemistry methods


   In Alpha classic defining  a new test is very easy. To do this you can refer to test page of sotware and you can set all the test parameters like sample volume , reagent volume , reading  timing  , test method , number of reagent needed , washing detail of test and many others.

The advantages of Alpha classic in this field are as follows:

1-      21 different methods.

2-      Exclusive reagent mixing option , for 2 or 3 reagent tests.

3-       2 and 3 reagent  test  methods

4-      Tourbidity test with very good CV  as it is shown in the repeadability graphs of hbA1c , Aso ,crp

5-      Special washing  options for each separate test

6-      Special photometery options for each separate test

7-      Multi point calibration tests with up to 10 calibrants

QC Advantages

     In Alpha classic  software you can find a series of quality control facilities:

- Westgard rules

- saving  the results of serum controls in different graphs

- calculating the statistic parameter of the control results like mean , sd, cv , GRP , BRP ,…

- showing Westgard warnings straightly at the page of Ingrid, beside the graph of controls with critical points of Westgard




   Alpha Classic is connected to a PC . Alpha view (Crona) is the name af the software that must be installed on the connected PC.
All of adjustment, parameter and the test definitions, QC evaluations and many others can be done by operator on this software. This is a very user friendly and perfect software with lots of facilities.






   Alpha classic  is using the newest  technology  in the fields of electronic , mechanic , optic , hydrolic and software ,…… 

Very good speed and repeadability  , very quiet operation , low reagent consumption and many others are amongst the result of this elaborated design. One of the most important goals of our R&D in designing  this system was  modularity. Alpha classic is designed  in such a way , that in the time of technical service, everything is easy for the serviceman  .and  every part can be easily replaced with new one.