Bilitest A

Bilirubin meter
With only one drop of blood sample

     Bilitest A is a standard bilirubin meter. This system is able to read infant total bilirubin with the least volume (75μl ) and in the least time ( <10 sec     ) .
System uses standard direct ( No reagent ) bilirubinmetery method.This method is based on photometry in two wavelength of 450 nm and 540 nm and subtracting the resulted absorbance. This method is more accurate than reagent using methods.There is a special designed adaptor which holds capillary tube ( consisting of about75 μl infant sample ) and is placed in the reading hole as easy as a regular cuvette.And then what you do is only pressing the read button .Calibrating and QC of system is very easy .


• 2 Interference Filters and 2 Photodiodes
• Bichromatic Direct Photometry
• Precision ± 0.1 mg/dl