Clinic III

8 filter photometer with bilirubin metery


    Biochemistry analysis is the most common and important ones in diagnostic laboratories.
On the other hand because of the existence of the precise and the cost effective photometric methods , photometer systems are known as the best choice for biochemistry. That is the reason of such a spread in use of photometers all over the world. Clinic III is an exceptional photometer with very good features , precise and accurate results , and adaptable with all kinds of biochemistry methods like Endpoint , Kinetic , Delta (2 point) , Differential , setting programming , calibrating. Blanking and sample reading on Clinic III is very easy and also very complete.
Clinic III is equipped with a seven hole 370 C incubator for cuvettes consisting of the special reading hole.
System’s filter holder consists of 7 or 8 narrow band high quality interference filters.
Clinic III is completely online for endpoint and dif test and there is no need for any key pressing when you put the sample in its reading place. For kinetic and delta tests after pouring serum sample in cuvette ( having reagent and placed in reading hole ) only pressing “ Read “ key is enough for starting an automatic reading process that finished with the announcement of the result. Up to 80 different tests are permanently programmable with the most favorite key pad and LCD operation. Every test program is consisting of the test reading method , test wavelength , factor , standard or calibrator value and some other parameters. Along with all above mentioned Clinic III has two very important and unique features , multiple kinetic and Bilirubin metery.

• 7 or 8 Interference Filters (340 up to 630 nm)
• Minimum Sample Volume
• Kinetic , Endpoint , delta , Dif
• 7 cell 370 C Incubator

• Saving up to 80 Programs in Memory



Multiple Kinetic

   This special kinetic reading mode is developed for less time in kinetic tests when you have to do one tests such as “ AST ” on some samples.
In this mode system is able to read up to 6 ( preferably up to 4 ) tests simultaneously.
Operator must only change cuvettes of different samples and put needed sample in the reading hole just at the time of announcement.


Bilirubin metery

   Beside many unique features on Clinic III bilirubin metery is an exception. Clinic III is able to read “infant total bilirubin” with the least volume (75μl ) and in the least time (<10 sec ).
System uses standard direct (No reagent ) bilirubin metery method.
This method based on photometry in two wavelength of 450 nm and 540 nm and subtracting the resulted absorbance. This method is more accurate than reagent using methods.
There is a special designed adaptor which holds capillary tube ( consisting of about 75 μl infant sample ) and is placed in the reading hole as easy as a regular cuvette.
And then what you do is only pressing the read button.
Calibrating and QC of system is very easy.